Widebody trailers  are ideal for wide low ground clearance cars.

All widebody trailers come as a standard with spare wheel,drop down legs , locking hitch and wheel chocks.

For heavy duty car transporters 2600 or 3000 gross kg. centre decking is fitted as standard equipment.


Twin axle and heavy duty Widebody trailers;


-sizes between 8' up to 16' long(loading bed lenght)

-widths 5'10'' or 6'6''

-gross 1300kg up to 3000kg

-load 950kg up to 2400kg

-3mm chassis for trailers up to 2000kg gross

-4mm chassis for 2600kg and 3000kg gross

Standard equipment;spare wheel,locking hitch,supporting drop down legs and wheel chocks

All 2600kg and 3000kg gross trailers have centre deck fitted as a standard.